Complexity Of Context 03

Complexity of Context is a series of prints created from scale figures usually seen in architectural renderings. Usually scale figures create the narrative (or social context) around a building, an example of the ideal audience that a developer or organization wants to convince the public that they serve.

This series uses the scale figure as both the subject and the context around them, exploring this idea of the ideal audience, and people and vanity. What happens when you take a person out of a context and replace them into a new context created specifically from the subject? Background becomes foreground, dimensionality blurs to a wallpaper, clothes—artificial skin—blend with the natural skin of the person, creating a physical representation of an aura based on surface characteristics (skin, clothing, objects, accessories). The human scale of the images (6’-0” height) gives a 1 to 1 relationship between the viewer and the piece, further blurring the line between abstract and real.

Shown at IRL Gallery and C-LINK Gallery

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